Orion Extraterrestrial Alliances

This is a complex network of groups, collectives and
Empires that have been united by political interests and conveniences,
domination and expansion mainly. Therefore I will analyze first
each Empire and Collective to have a better classification idea and
history of these alliances.

  • Alpha Draconis

    Alpha Draconis, come from the Draco constellation of the Alpha system and are the most feared of all, expert manipulators whose nature is to conquer, assimilate, consume. They colonized more than 500 planets, infiltrating governments and leadership, always through deception and promises of wealth, power, weapons and technology. Sending emissaries of enslaved inferior races to make first contact. They never really show themselves. Once they are inside the system it is very difficult to get them out, it usually takes the Galactic Confederation to recover the planets they have conquered.

  • Sigma Draconis.

    Sigma Draconis, come from the Draco constellation of the Sigma system and are extremely dangerous for humans and similar races and for the grays, since they are like energy vampires that feed on fear and enslave humans through their vices, weaknesses. and addictions. Dragging them to the low frequencies so that they commit degrading, inhuman acts and in this way being able to access them as hosts of their parasitic energy and implants. They feed on human darkness.

  • Epsilon Draconis

    Epsilon Draconis, they call themselves "Magel" come from the Draco constellation of the Epsilon system and are peaceful, they do not interact with humans although they have underground bases in Mexico and have been on planet Earth for more than 15,000 years. They are a wise but inferior race in the reptilian terrorist hierarchy. They are capable of demonstrating and feeling a positive connection with other beings.

  • Shapeshifters Draco-Borgs.

    They are reptilian beings of a lower caste, created by the Empire, genetically modified to be servants in military and political strategies. They are an army, bodyguards, sacrificial in physical confrontations, very physically resistant. They are infiltrated into the land to assist in negotiations and control of the Draconis presence. They can change shape like chameleons but they have a hard time hiding the pupil of their eyes, which is what often gives them away. Their presence generates fear and they are always protecting other superior members of the Empire. Their objective is to intimidate and their presence is not common in popular places where there are many people. If not, in the elite that is more accustomed to them. They are sent to clean up evidence of extraterrestrial contact since the Grays are controlled by this Empire.

Zeta Reticuli

In the 1960s, Betty and Barney Hill became very famous for having remembered their abductions and encounters with small beings with gray skin and large almond-shaped eyes. Under hypnosis Betty Hill was able to remember her abductors showing her a map on the ship where they originally came from. She was able to draw them and this is how this breed has been identified. They come from this very distant star system, M-2, dying in danger of extinction, they were looking for a way to preserve their species in other star systems. They arrived in Orion where they were enslaved by the Draconis and were genetically altered. Used as servants, they are highly telepathic and function by connecting to a central Hive-like system. They are now part of the Gris de Orión collective. Their telepathy is phenomenal and they fool humans by abducting them. They are cloned because they cannot reproduce. And this was the contract they made with the Draconian Empire to preserve their species.

Solipsi Ra(i)

These beings are known as the Solipsi Ra, who are peaceful in principle. Refugees from the Zeta Reticuli System as well, they are now their own species.
They come from a system of 5 planets in the Cygnus constellation. They are small grays of a peaceful breed. Very technologically advanced which has helped them keep their race safe from other more aggressive gray species. Unfortunately, some make alliances (for different spiritual and political reasons) with the gray Orion collective working with the US Government. Many have been cloned and subjugated as part of the slaves who are sent to planet Earth to traffic humans in exchange for technology.

  • EMPIRE OF ORION: empire of six.

    Also known as the alliance of six, for some authors it is the center of evil. It is based within the Orion nebula, M42, in the open cluster filled with young stars that release gases protecting a nest for species that repel ultraviolet radiation. Which are generally gray beings whose genetics are intolerant and incompatible with human genetics. However, there are hybridization programs between grays and humans, reptiles and humans that are carried out in various places for different purposes. Here, in the nebula there is a cluster of high-ranking dominant Gray beings, armies of short slaves from different Gray races, insectoids such as Mantises and repriloid, hybrid saurians.
    The power center calls itself "The Masters" and claims a dark individual spirituality, which does not maintain any bond of love or compassion with the universe. Without emotional system.

  • Orion Alliance:

    6 Gray and Draconian races that are concentrated in the Rigel star system.

    -Maytra: The worst, the most violent mercenaries whose nature is predatory, tall grays.
    -Killy: White reptilians, scaly skin, they partially transform into humanoids to hide. They are predators, carnivores and very violent.
    -Ebans: Non-peaceful beings who are involved with military groups on earth, the Cabal. They have hybridization and soul hunting programs. Tall greys.
    -Grail: Violent, nervous, poorly organized, they are under the command of other more dominant groups. They do not intervene in the affairs of the land as they are controlled by the Draco Empire. They are tall gray saurians with a pupil.
    -Draconians: They are the basis and the brain of all programs of control, repression, trauma and they manage the technology of emotions and DNA to control, consume and dominate. Its main objective is the expansion of domain in all areas. They are semi-dragons, very powerful reptiles.


From the Andromeda galaxy, from a planet called MEGOPEI, come the Maitre. They are a very bad race, the worst enemies of the races in this galaxy. Considered parasites in our universe, they have caused a lot of damage in various systems through pests. They are a hermaphrodite race allies of the colonizing collectives of Orion. They are the main abductors and have genetically created human-gray hybrids to use as slaves. They have created gray clones that function as slaves and assistants of smaller stature.

Killi Suhail

They live near the star Suhail. They are one of the oldest races in this galaxy. They are beings that change their physical appearance according to the objective they have. Although they can't change their pupils. So the wide, obsidian-black eyes give them away. This is his true appearance, tall gray humanoid, almost white reptiloid. Nicknamed "Tall Whites" They abduct for sexual and food trade. They have two genders, they are oviparous and they have conflicts with the Galactic Federation of Worlds since they are not allies of other races, they work alone and it is difficult to control them.

  • Female Killy in her original appearance.

  • Killi in transformation phase.

  • Its ships are triangular with a red light in the center and a light in each corner.


They are a race of grays derived from Zeta reticuli that settled on the fifth planet, also called Carina, which orbits the Orion star called Betelguese. They are involved in the worst crimes of the Cabal, the Earth army and have bases in various star systems and underground Earth. They do hybridizations and soul replacement.


They come from the Mintaka Star system, a planet located in Orion's belt. The Council of Light of Orion is also located here, so they have deals that are usually not respected to maintain peace. The Grail are from Delta Orionis, they like to conquer, plunder and are impulsive, aggressive and nervous. They do not organize themselves for this reason. They are a tall gray Saurus species with a thin and elongated build. Their eyes have pupils. They do not come to Earth since they prefer to avoid conflicts with the Galactic Confederation of Worlds, with the Maytra and with the Reptilians. These mercenaries work for themselves based on their aggressive compulsions.


Extremely Violent, these beings inhabit an artificial planet in the Bellatrix system in Orion. They are tall gray reptiloids with a narrow wrinkled face and elongated skull. They exude a sulfur smell. They have bases on the moon and deals with Earth governments. They enslave beings from different systems of nobler nature.

  • Orion Gray Collective

    Regroup the gray races. They are against the Galactic Confederation of worlds, the Orion league and any council of light in the galaxy. It is independent of the Alliance of Six. It mainly maintains dealings with the Draconis-Reptilian Empire and with the Altair Corporation.
    The Orion Collective Involves 11 different races of tall Grays and 12 races derived from Grays of small build and short stature. In addition to clones and slave sub-races.

  • Ainanna

    They come from Beta Geminorum. The Ainanna have shared a stay on Mars. They have underground bases on Earth and are the ones who were involved in the incident at the American base called Dulce. Allies of the Reptilians and the Maytra.

  • AINANNA ship from Geminis Pollux.

  • This is a reptilian mothership, they are square, dark and inside they have all the resources they need to survive large amounts of time to travel great distances in the galaxy. These types of ships are rarely seen from the ground, as they stop at a great distance from it.

  • Barnarian oranges.

    Planet Orega of the star system M28, System called Barnard visible in the constellation Opiuchus. Humanoid race with red hair, with reptilian characteristics. They are mercenaries at the service of the Draconis, they treat abductees for the empire, they are based on the moon and on Earth. They have ties to the American government. They are untrustworthy and hunt slaves for their own purposes.

  • Barnarian ship.

Akart (Sextans Epsilon)

Sextans Constellation Akart Star System. patriarchal society. Oviparous. They do not do abductions, curious, reactive, nervous, impulsive. They rarely come to earth, oval, metal ships without windows.
Called the Virginia Case, it happened in the town of this name in Brazil in 1996. It is compared to the Roswell accident. It involves a crashed ship and two or three captured biological beings described as having oily brown skin and red eyes. There are several witnesses, three girls who saw the being squatting the day after the accident by an officer who captured one of these beings who, after the capture, got a strange infection that they were unable to treat and died in the local city hospital.

  • Illustration of alien according to witnesses.

  • Akart ship.

  • Sextans constellation.

According to some researchers and Authors, this breed is called ALLGRUULK

They come from a binary system called Gamma Sculptoris, from the planet Artaa. They are part of an ancient race of reptilians extinct on earth. They are high-tech spaceship builders who like to travel to collect mineral specimens and new materials. They belong to the Galactic Confederation of worlds as a highly spiritual race. They don't do abductions.

Alianzas Extraterrestres de Orión.
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