Sirius is a binary star close to planet earth. The inhabitants of these stars are from the 4th and 6th dimensions. The Lions who arrived in this star system after the Lyran wars, where their planets were destroyed, are from the 7th dimension and settled in a community of sages where they formed the mystery schools. That it was a training school for ascended masters from lesser spheres who wanted to continue with mystical training in the universe.

The great Goddesses of magic, Sekhmet and Isis, are going to bring these schools for initiates to earth. Through them, they establish energy principles that will serve the new civilization. Always related to the star Sirius that, when rising on the horizon from the sphinx, indicated the rise of the Nile, therefore, fertility and a good harvest. Shu and Tefnut, are in Egyptian mythology, twin lions of time, sons of the solar god RA, who in this ancestral context refers to the sun that Sirius represents. This pair of twin lions will create the earth and the sky. (Geb and Nut) who will be the parents of the next Gods of Egypt, including Isis and Osiris, the first couple of Gods, soul mate, incarnated on earth with a consciousness contract with the universal divinity that starts the program of our civilization .

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