Orion's belt is a portal between the planet earth and the star world. (the portal to infinity) Entire colonies of different races and consciousnesses from thousands of star systems inhabit these planets. Souls who want to live experiences in the incarnation program of planet earth can do a training here that will help them to accept and integrate other cultures, as well as the sensation of living in denser physical bodies. In the star nation (formerly part of the Orion League) of Mintaka, one of the three belt stars, (the other two being Alnitak and Alnilam) there are amphibious beings. They have as a natural ability, practice in the psychology of beings as well as in methods of mental manipulation. They have great scientific knowledge of the species of the universe of their organic and emotional functioning. These beings train illusion, magic games. In the star nation of Bellatrix, a former member of the Orion League and headquarters of this sector for the old Alliance, it occupies the brightest star above Orion's belt. Beings inhabit here that for more than six million years have been in charge of diplomacy and leadership before all the forces of the ancient alliance in the Milky Way sector. Its appearance is similar to the reptiles of the earth. They inhabited at the beginning of time before ancient Egypt as the God Sobek represented in the Komombo temple where he was venerated as well as the crocodiles in the area. In her book "The Prism of Lyra", Lyssa Royal Holt mentions that Orion's population is mostly of Lyran origin from Vega, Lyran humanoids, and a small percentage of non-human beings such as the Grays from Zeta Reticuli, (neighboring constellation to Orion) amphibians and reptilians who are found primarily in the Betelgeuse and Rigel systems and are descended from draconic beings from the Draco star system.
Orion's belt is aligned with the pyramids of Giza in Egypt according to the correlation theory of the cosmos and the plateau, where the Nile River also coincides with the position of the Milky Way. Theory elaborated by Robert Bauval and Graham Handcock.

As it is such a large stellar system, rebel groups from other systems considered pirates come to settle here because, being excluded from their land of origin, they dedicate themselves to trafficking minerals, genetic material, seawater, quartz, gold, sand and other valuables. drawn from different planets. Mintaka being where the Orion council of light has always been. The Orion light refers to the point in evolution where polarity is transcended. The God Osiris is the master of this council of the afterlife. Working hand in hand as a karmic council with the portal of souls of Arcturus, aligned with the energy of the Elohim council, it fulfills the function of guardians of the great mysteries of the universe, it is a hospitable land of Orion, of high spiritual knowledge, a portal to other universes and home of highly evolved physical and non-physical beings.

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