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They are called Draconians because they come from the Draco Constellation. It is a race based on genetic hierarchies originating from another universe, it is not known precisely where, but they did cause a great energy imbalance by generating great destruction. Their nature seems to originate from the desire to conquer, to expand into the universe for themselves, as the Draconians rebelled against the bond of unconditional love with the universe at the beginning of its creation. Causing a great imbalance in the consciousness of the whole. Choosing to follow their evolution, they arrived in our galaxy, which unintentionally inherited the "problem kids" of the universe. Some say they were “removed” by the source and sent to our galaxy. Where the galactic council deposited them in the constellation of Scorpio. From here begins his warrior trajectory of conquest in other constellations.

To date, Lyra has habitable planets that meet the characteristics and resources that awakened ambition in those beings. Causing one of the greatest wars between light and darkness. Not because they are based in darkness, but because they have allied themselves with it to achieve their goals of traumatizing races through technology developed by other DNA races.
There are other amphibian, cetacean and reptilian races that do not share this nature although their genetics may have come from the same origin. Possibly they selected another type of growth and hybridization for their soul, mixing with the energetic imprint of other consciousnesses of luminous spiritual growth.

The Draconians are a hierarchical race whose castes are divided into various genetic levels of reptilian beings.


Dragons belong to the 7th dimension, they are neutral and can transition between light and darkness according to their desires. They arrived in China 22,000 years ago and established a colony there that has been highly revered. They helped humanity and were heroes of many medieval legends. Currently there are few of them incarnated on earth, some decide to incarnate in China due to their ancestral roots. They are a mix of fire and air based elementals. They are extremely powerful energetically. Some rebellious Dragon souls wanted to expand their energetic footprint by living in hybrid bodies between humanoids and dragons to obtain other qualities in their soul records. For this reason, they agreed to mix their genetics, creating beings that lived in Orion, on the planet Betelgeuse.

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The second caste is a caste we call "warrior". They are tall with skin thick at the ends with scales like the skin of a lizard. They have a tail and walk on two legs. They do not respect the agreements of the Galactic Council or the Galactic Confederation. For this reason they do not follow one of the main universal rules: "the law of non-intervention" This law was created by the Galactic Council to prevent other attacks on the humanoid races of the entire star system in the universe. However, they always find a way to break this rule, through agreements, contracts, deceit and in extreme cases, violence and imposition.

The third caste is about genetic results that they themselves made to grow their army with soldiers, mercenaries, cloned and modified from their own genetics. Its physical and industrial technology is truly advanced and complex. Not all reptilians follow the general rule, there are female reptilians who have developed their intuition more due to the connection with their children, which has made them reconnect with the bond of love to some degree. In addition, there have been other variants of reptilian races that also seek the advancement of their own consciousness and that have contributed positively to our civilization.

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