Sirius B and C

The Sirius star is accompanied by a second celestial object, called Sirius B, which gravitates closely, varying the distance between them during 50-year cycles. Life in this binary system is basically aquatic. There is little geographic landmass compared to the earth. Therefore, native beings of aquatic origin, such as dolphins and whales, originated here. In general, this cetacean consciousness is older than the feline beings of Sirius A. The Dogon tribe speaks of this star system including another planet in the same system, Sirius C, which was destroyed many millions of years ago according to the stellar akashic records. It was the home of reptilian refugees and beings like the Annunaki, since Sirius is a system quite close to planet earth.

Sirians descendants of Vega, the humanoid Lyran prototype most similar to Us, settle in Sirius B. Living with aquatic beings, amphibious in appearance. Here the so-called mermaids originated, whose half of their body was cetacean.
In Sirius A there is the great spiritual council of mastering. It is where the ascended masters of the earth and other star systems arrive to continue their spiritual learning. Here they make soul repairs and updates in the subtle energy system of each being.

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