• GAIA Planet Earth is a breeding ground for hybridization between 12 (as far as we know it could be more) different consciousnesses from different Star systems and the frequency of organic density. Creating a multidimensional race that co-exists in different frequencies and is co-creator of realities.

    Earth is a very new star system. Very young, in the sense that the human represents a special technology, for the first time put into practice for various purposes that is currently in a state of accelerated growth. From the micro- to the macro. The organic physical body carries this advanced technology in its DNA. Many star systems donated their genetics to contribute to the information that is encoded in our system. Both in our energy footprint and in our organic footprint (DNA). Souls are going through a process of hybridization and integration of various manifestations of consciousness. The purpose of being here is to summarize the expansion process, recollection of information in our soul records, integration of diversity and evolution to a new species that will be representative of this Solar system.
    The soul/consciousness grows as it can be experienced from multiple perspectives. In this solar system there have been many civilizations that have incarnated bodies in various dimensions, to perfect the physical model that little by little has been able to sustain more and more high soul frequencies. I mean, the organic body, as it evolves, is capable of supporting greater souls with greater consciousness. The greater the consciousness, the higher the frequency and therefore the higher the density. That is why there have been so many civilizations on Earth, of galactic origin that have experienced descending to other densities to live on Earth. They have disappeared and returned again and again.

  • In ancient times, the earth was at different frequencies that correspond to different densities. Planet Earth is a conscious being that goes through its own process of evolution.
    In the galactic akashic readings I have been able to see the multiple functions that Gaia offers to souls for their evolution and how wonderful this being is that reproduces and creates hybrid consciousnesses giving new results. The planet is a creative entity and new species of all kinds have occurred here. It has allowed souls to regenerate, recover information and re-create consciousness. Allowing me to understand how special the soul is and how it can transfer information, fractalize and even lose pieces of itself and then recreate them. All this is possible thanks to the experiences and perspectives in the cycle of incarnations here but also in other star systems. Just as there are souls that are gestated in other cosmic systems, souls are also gestated here. This does not mean that there is no contact with stellar consciousnesses, no, the soul can be created on Earth and incarnate in other star systems later or in parallel. Because the goal is to grow consciousness and ascend back to divinity of the whole. The purpose is to go through as many perspectives as possible. With each cycle of incarnations, the physical body, its DNA, the information it contains is perfected and the soul acquires greater consciousness. This gave way to the corruption of the system where the trauma became part of the soul's consciousness.

  • Lemuria

    It is one of the civilizations that tried to re-create on Earth the paradise planets lost in the cosmic wars. Founded initially by Andromedans and Arcturians, Lemuria was a city based on the feminine energetic principle. It was noble, green, full of water and nature where the projection of emotions on a sensitive and creative level was allowed. It was a city in the 7th dimension so we can imagine that creation was part of its immediate reality.
    This civilization was destroyed by Atlantis, due to conflicts that arose in the corruption of the consciousness system and the invasion of darkness. Although duality has always been part of reality, the contrast is a product of the conflicts dragged from the Lyran wars. It is not that they were "good" beings and "bad" beings. Every expression of consciousness must be seen from the point of view of the creator, the source, the spirit, in relation to beings of a conquering and warrior nature as an essential part of the integration of souls.

  • Atlantis

    The city of Atlantis was created based on the masculine energy principle. At the same time as Lemuria. At base it was a Pleiadian city that accepted consciousnesses from systems such as Alpha Centauri and all those constellations with human and humanoid body groups. The idea was to integrate the technological abilities of each guest stellar civilization, to create a conscious and socially evolved advanced city. The plan was to be a model for future civilizations to follow, a spiritual model capable of advancing technologically in constant integration of consciousness. But right in the "integration" was the weakness of this civilization. The contrast of some stellar consciousnesses allowed the spiritual corruption of the system. The ego gained gigantic importance and finally, after the fall of Atlantis, there is a very great responsibility on humans to make this great energetic correction that will give rise to the civilization that we are now.

  • MU

    This city was of Lyran consciousness at its core. Descendants of Avyon, of the first human prototype, of great stature, with pale blue, almost gray skin. Highly telepathic, sensitive and in unification thinking, they are heirs of the teachings of the blue Avians. Although they developed their own civilization in unity of consciousness on Vega. The city was near the beach, in the geographical area that is now New Zealand.

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  • Lemurians descendants of Andromeda 7th dimension.

  • Lemurians descendants of Andromeda and Arcturus, 7th dimension.

  • Lemurians descendants of Andromeda 7th dimension.

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  • Atlanteans descended from Pleiades. 7th and 5th dimension.

  • Atlanteans descended from Pleiades. 5th dimension.

  • Atlanteans descended from Pleiades. 7th and 5th dimension.

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  • Murians descended from Lyra. 7th dimension.

  • Murians descended from Lyra.

  • Mu

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