The Pleiades is a group of stars named after the Greeks, it is the name of the 7 divine mythological sisters, daughters of the Titan Atlas and the oceanic nymph Pleione. Each star corresponds to one of these names: Maia, Taygeta, Alcyone, Celaeno, Sterope and Merope. The Pleiadians are a hybrid of the surviving human Lyrans from Avalon (the first planet destroyed in the Draconian wars in the constellation Lyra) and the advanced beings that inhabited the Pleiades hundreds of thousands of cycles ago. In Pleione the council of the 9th dimension is established, a collective consciousness of high frequencies that seek the integration of souls and the mastering of the cycles of the soul. In Pleione there are pink beaches in violet tones that serve as a retreat for the regeneration of the soul that has descended and unfolded its levels of consciousness to have physical experiences on Gaia. Pleione beings are highly luminous and almost etheric. But if they wish, they can project an individual body in response to our contact requests. In Taygeta there are divisions descendants of the Lions of Lyra whose objective and name is to protect against darkness, they are the warriors of light (lightworkers). They have different missions depending on their division or group and they all connect from the heart chakra towards a collective well-being based on a natural telepathic connection of unconditional love.

The star seeds usually have contact with the Pleiadians, in some way there is a relationship with them since they have been responsible for observing the predominant time lines of humanity on planet earth and thus taking care of the focus of the quantum result. Sooner or later the starseeds gravitate towards the Pleiadian spiritual teachings which have been expressed in various techniques of consciousness exploration and manifestation. Saint Germain, Jeshua de Nazareth (Jesus Christ), Michael the Archangel (Saint Michael), are Pleiadians who rose to the rank of teachers, becoming an omnipresent energetic principle for the good of humanity.

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  • This is how I remember the beach of reintegration and separation of souls in Pleione. It is an almost etheric place where the soul goes through processes of separation into different fractals that gradually rush into the body at different times, depending on the consciousness that the embodied perspective has acquired. In other words, the organic body is preparing to receive more advanced soul fragments with higher frequencies that are in this place waiting to reintegrate and rush into certain realities.