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Alessa / AEISIS

I am an intuitive spiritual reader of universal energies. Channeling the wisdom of countless cosmic races such as Lyra, Andromeda, Sirius, Orion and Pleiades, the energetic principles of the ascended masters, the priests and Gods of ancient Egypt and the souls who come to consult their Star records with me. The tools of interpretation are through Tarot, meditation, analysis of symbols and interpretation of dreams. I am a visual artist with an academic master's degree in Egyptology (Harvard), Egyptian Hieroglyphs, Freudian/Lacanian Psychoanalysis and Art History in Rome, Italy. I am a visual artist graduated from Fine Arts in Mexico with specialties in Austria.

  • I was born in Mexico, I studied visual arts at the Academy of Fine Arts where I had in-depth training in image interpretation and conceptual creation. I have been a traveler because I have lived in many countries, adapting to new cultures and languages. Always dedicated on manifesting opportunities to be able to support myself financially in each different country and sustain my studies. This with the aim of recovering soul sparks and raising my own consciousness. Through the creation of artistic experiences in collaboration with other artists.

  • I am a worshiper of felines because my soul origin is Leonid Lyran. An Egyptologist with certified studies, because I have been a priestess of Sekhmet and Isis in three past lives in this geographical area, that later, will become the Pharaonic Egypt that we know. I have a master's degree in Psychoanalysis because it was a way to begin to recognize myself and identify the trauma. I am highly spiritual, I have led a life based on spiritual codes inherited from my life as a priestess in ancient Egypt. I am really emotional and an empath because of my Pleiadian cosmic origin, from the Pleiadian division of Lyran Leonid and Avian origin.

  • I'm volunteer as a Stellar ambassador in Gaia to fulfill our responsibility to the "Hacking" that occurred in the DNA system in Atlantean times and to do energetic corrections that are allowed to me. I was given the gift of remembering and channeling high consciousness often with the aim of guiding our personal mission. And finally, I am an art historian, which allows me to trace conceptual origins to rescue the spiritual and cosmic evidence of human archaeology. I know how to read Egyptian hieroglyphs because of my studies but also because I have remembered the more subtle spiritual meanings of their representation.

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  • They are the first guides that I saw clearly, directly, when I was going through a difficult time and in an out-of-body experience, they took me to this room full of bright light and gave me the first codes in light language, which I currently work with, so that I could come out of my "humanity" that at that time was predominant due to human emotions.

  • This being belongs to the Pleiadian collective of the 9th density. They appear to me in meditations and in elevated states of consciousness. On some occasions his interventions confirming the channeling that I am doing have been reflected in the audio of videos recorded for YouTube where robotic voices can be heard in the sound failure. Except that his voice is heard before mine with moments of lag that is rare to occur technically. What is important and significant is the moment in which the failure occurs. Things can fail, but curiously in the Art classes I teach, it has never happened. Being for me, a confirmation of the spiritual work done.

  • YAHEL is from Arcturus of the 6th density, he has been a constant presence since he was little, he was painted with blood red armor. Later I understood that the message was that the codes are in our blood, in our DNA. That is, we carry the information of all these consciousnesses within us, in packages that we can unpack according to the advancement of our consciousness.

  • Arcturian Guide to the collective consciousness of the 13th dimension. I have adapted this image from another that resembled it by an artist I don't know. The intention was to describe the being that I saw in the Cafarella park in Rome during a contact meditation where he came to me, effectively wearing a cloak that covered his body and head, revealing only his face. He was accompanied by a tall blonde Pleiadian being. On that same evening, there was also a sighting of Pleiadian ships in the sky. We know that there is assistance and collaboration between star beings seeking contact with star seeds to continue the evolution program.

  • Lyrano Leonida Guide of the 8th Density, I have seen it in specific moments of my spiritual path, especially in relation to situations of romantic love. It speaks to me of a "divine masculine" that is brewing on the earth at this moment that are fractals of its consciousness and therefore is reflected in aspects of the current masculine.
    Starseeds are rarely lions, since their soul composition is like the sun, fiery, nuclear, with extreme incidence on earth bodies.

  • Sekhmet has been my guide countless times. In invocations and meditations they have shown me intense visions of how the codes were anchored in my DNA, they have taken me to Sirius where they have worked on my subtle energetic bodies multidimensionally through their sacred technology. She has made me live experiences in Egypt and relive them, she has shown me to be my mother by sending me two beautiful domestic kittens, a Pleiades male cat (Siva) and another female Vega-Lyra Bastet (Tara).

  • Being from the Andromeda galaxy that comes to show self-control and the development, process and balance of human emotions. I saw it in moments of deep doubt during the pandemic we are experiencing. Showing me perfect sovereignty in the frequency of Metatron's star.

  • New photo from my Arcturian guide Yahel.

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