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Warning, it must be taken into account that it is impossible to speak of all beings in the universe. Consciousness exists and is in everything we know, animate or inanimate. Organic or etheric, in this dimension or in multiple dimensions with multiple expressions of itself in frequency variants. Consciousness exists as infinite is the consciousness of the source. This is unlimited and therefore impossible to encompass every detail of every universe that was fractalized from the source. But I can try to trace a path that will lead us to learn more about our origin. Since the planet earth and the human race are a very young star system and in the process of formation to become something bigger, in a human future.

The Humanoid prototype with an organic body and technological DNA base, was created in the constellation of Lyra in our universe:

Star mythology tells us that two main consciousnesses were created, the blue Avians and the Felines. Who were invited from another universe to found life as co-creators in our galaxy. They were given a home planet in the Lyra constellation which they named AVYON.

The Leonids

The story of the Leonids , as I affectionately call them, is the story of highly advanced technology, called DNA, the origin of the creation of the civilization that we are and our connection to God in all his divinity.

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The Blue Avians

The Blue Avians are a primary consciousness created based on the elemental founders of AIR. They are a mysterious race that is rarely seen, but they are creators of important messages that were channeled in 1981, in the books of Ra: The Law of One. They have a great presence in the documents of ancient Egypt. Where they left evidence of our origin and relationship with divinity, of our future as a representation of a new organic-stellar race of the solar system.

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The White Nordic

They were the first prototype Human with the closest genetic technology to what we are today. They were created on one of Lyra's planets called AVALON. Here they developed like Humans on Earth, but based on the bond of unconditional love.

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Blue Vega Beings

This race is another variant of the first genotype created to inhabit Vega's star. It is a humanoid race that evolved through the bond of unconditional love of unity with the universe focusing on inner peace as the basis of divine connection. They are distinguished by having pale blue skin as they have a slight variant in their blood that does not contain hemoglobin. The component that is responsible for transporting oxygen in the body is not an iron-based protein, it is an element of etheric origin, which, when in contact with oxygen, turns blue.

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