Blue Avians

When the founders of our fractal universe at large, had the impulse to co-create with the universe, they selected the constellation of Lyra to establish physical life. Planets exist on Lyra that could support organic life even now. The Blue Avians were one of the main consciousnesses created by the Elohim to allow them to witness the creation of the universe. They witnessed the creation of their own planet Avyon and the way soul fractalization is measured and generated. Thus formed several principles that will be transmitted and documented in ancient Egypt.
For example, the principle of regeneration of Toth: Dictates that all consciousness will rush to earth in groups of 8 of the same fractal always in duality: Feminine and masculine. Hence the theories of twin souls (Twin Flames: the one that corresponds to each dual couple) and kindred souls (soulmates) that correspond to the group of 8 fractal couples. Another equally important principle is through RA (- which means representative of a Sun or star-) that delivered the law of "one". This principle means that everything in the universe is interconnected to the consciousness of God, to the creative source. The Egyptian God Toth, represents the divine wisdom of total consciousness and as he witnessed the creation itself, he is the God of Magic, since he knows everything, he knows the operation of the creation of consciousness.

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