Galactic Akashic Records Reading

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Do you want to know who your spirit guides are and which cosmic family you belong to?

  • The session can be held in English.

  • In this session we will make contact with your higher self and your spirit guides. We will be able to access your past lives on earth and in other star systems to discover the origin of your soul, your life purpose and what you need to know at this precise moment, (whatever is relevant in your path here and now), to connect with your true self from the divine consciousness of your soul.

  • The session lasts 1 hour.

  • You do not need to prepare questions but you can do it if you wish.

  • You don't need anything in particular other than to be in a space where you feel safe, comfortable and preferably where no one interrupts you during that hour. If you want you can be with your pets, have a candle lit or have your favorite crystals near you.

  • This session is a gift from your soul so that you can get to know it better and get relevant answers for your current journey.


Appointments for America are always in the morning. Make sure to change the time zone when booking. The calendar will offer you options in my Vienna time zone. (Central Europe). It will also offer you the option to choose your country. Please change to your time zone before booking. If the schedule is wrong you will lose your session. (You can always reschedule your session if you bought it wrong, before the meeting is taking place)

Then you can use the following calendar to book your session with me. Thank you very much for choosing me and being part of this special moment in our lives!