The Arcturians are a civilization that transcended duality and lives in unity of consciousness...

They are from a blue planet that gravitates around the red giant star Arcturus in the constellation Bootes. Edgar Cayce said that these beings were the most advanced in the galaxy. You are of the 13th density or dimension and have transcended duality and contrast. They transcended the ego, thus they project the same image, they all “look” the same since the difference does not matter. They are metaphysical, master consciousness healers and protectors. His consciousness was created separately from the Lyra-Draconian offspring. It took an individual evolution when the first group consciousness fragmentations of Source occurred. Because their evolution happened separately, they are the less physical race, with different genetics, being a collective consciousness. Millions of years ago, when our galaxy was created, the founders appointed the Arcturians protectors and guardians of spiritual consciousness. Thus they have essentially assisted almost all other star systems in the evolution of spirituality. Their technology is very advanced, they use crystals and anchoring networks at different levels of density, which is why it is used mainly as assistance in various other star systems. Of utmost importance is their role before the akashic records since they are the ones who process the souls between lives. The karmic advice helps to design the following lives based on the expansion and experience of the soul. In the Arcturus system there are other physical beings, humans and gray humanoids, who belong to the 6th and 7th dimensions. They are the role model of future human civilizations on earth, they are the vibrational prototype. From there come the beings that appear eternally young and with a perfect physiognomy, since they project their vibration into their organic physics. This vibration acts as a psycho-spiritual healing at all physical, emotional and mental levels.
for mankind on earth.

Somos Arcturianos de la 6ta densidad. Si deseamos podemos proyectar un cuerpo físico y tener una perspectiva individual. Al mismo tiempo pertenecemos a la consciencia colectiva que conecta con el consejo de luz de la estrella Arcturus en la constelación de Bootes. Podemos autocrear nuestro cuerpo físico y hemos trascendido los conflictos de la dualidad y la diferencia, por ello podemos vernos muy parecidos, mientras más elevada es la densidad que habitamos, nos veremos físicamente iguales. ⁠Somos una sola consciencia que se fractaliza para vivir diferentes experiencias y enriquecer la expansión natural de nuestra alma. Viajamos interestelarmente asistiendo en diversos mundos al anclaje de las energías espirituales que representan los cambios en frecuencia. Ayudamos a la asimilación de esos cambios para que queden fijos en el cuerpo. Conocemos a fondo la tecnología del cuerpo humano y hacemos constantes arreglos genealógicos para ayudar a establecer patrones saludables en el linaje humano.

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  • Processing chamber for the souls between lives, located in the transition portal of Arcturus. Here the soul reintegrates and rests during the design of its next physical incarnation.
    It is a place of transmutation and catalyzation of what was absorbed by the soul in the previous life. Protected by the 13th density Arcturians, guardians of the Akashic stellar records.