Andromeda galaxy

This is the largest galaxy near the Milky Way, it is called Messier 31 and it has a spiral shape. It is between the constellation of Pegasus and Cassiopeia. It contains at least 2 times more stars (1 trillion) than the Milky Way and according to the Akashic records, from it, in a fractal division of consciousness, the Milky Way was born, Andromeda being the mother galaxy, the feminine divine principle. From here is established the consciousness of the Mother Goddess equivalent to the Gnostic consciousness of Sophia. Here the elementals originated and these fragments of high consciousness rarely incarnate on earth, although they do in other star systems. Due to the energetic incompatibility and when they do it is with many problems to sustain the physical density. That is why it is rare that they do so, but they want to continue assisting the planetary evolution. The Antares star is created as a portal that was created by the council of light in order to connect Andromeda with the Milky Way. Only high frequency souls pass through the Antares portal. Here the Elohim (elementals) originated who later created the constellation of Lyra and other star systems. The angelic energy or principle was created in this galaxy, which is a very subtle and light energy to have physical bodies. They are considered beings of light.

Andromeda constellation

It is found in the northern hemisphere, where it is predominant in autumn. (The constellation has Messier 31, the Andromeda galaxy) At least 28 different races of beings inhabit here, in addition to humanoids, other winged beings of higher dimensions with great spiritual advancement. its technology is superior, and its consciousness dedicated to the evolution of the species. Telepathic, some with light blue skin, others very similar to Caucasian humans but in a lower density body; the Andromedans arrived in Asia thousands of years ago, at the time of Lemuria and Atlantis. We know this, because many star seeds from the Andromeda constellation are currently incarnated in this geographical area. Usually only a small part of their energy accompanies them on the descent to earth as it is a big difference in frequencies for them. The Andromedans descendants of the Lyran race of Vega surviving in the Draco wars, come from Zenetae, a planetary system that orbits the binary star Titawin, where they took refuge as well as in Cygnus and Cassiopeia. Where they cohabited with beings that already existed on these planets. Evolving other mixed species. Due to the atmosphere, over time, their body changed, from white to blue skin, becoming long, stylized bodies. In higher dimensions there are winged beings that possibly have Avian origin. In Andromeda, we can mainly see two types of beings, Caucasian white humans with dark hair and big eyes and those of similar type with Asian features.

Andromedan Council

The Andromedan Council is a kind of galactic governing council. Which in its divisions includes the alliance with the Galactic Confederation and the Arcturians. It is a council made up of more than 400 beings with twelve presided seats who hold positions of Investigation, deliberation and advice to the Council. It
they do in thirteen unique sub sets of advisory boards. In brotherhood with the objective of maintaining universal balance a line of defense. Alex Collier and another contactee whose name remains only with the title of "representative of the council", communicated in 2011 that they were informed regarding the War that beings of light maintained with the reptilian and gray beings of the 4th dimension coming from Orion. Thus freeing humanity from its physical occupation and issues such as abductions and government contracts on planet earth. Establishing that this war was won and consequently the fall of the energy of the Archons that released the consciousness of the matyrix. Giving way to the first change of ascension to 4D. The Andromedans have had contact with the planet earth for a long time, they tried to establish different cities based on their energetic principles, such as Lemuria, which fell into the hands of the "Hacking" of this past war. Teaching those of us who have had contact with them, that the most important thing is sovereignty over our emotions to any external provocation.

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