It is the brightest star in the constellation of Scorpio. This star is a portal used between the Andromeda galaxy and the Milky Way. Through this portal millions of etheric beings can cross into our galaxy for a more physical experience. This gave way to it being the first center of high spiritual value, since beings in their purest form arrived here at the beginning of time, to create a bond of collaboration with the universe. Since creation itself, Antares is the origin of physical and etheric civilizations of various densities in our universe. Here the greater galactic council was formed, based on the elementals or immaterial principles that are going to give an energetic base to creation. Most of the inhabitants of Antares were and are non-physical and have been on planet earth since infinite time, creating the principles of water, earth, air, fire and ether. Based on these elements have been the fragments of consciousness that give rise to various formations with their physical expression. It is what the ancient Egyptians call the KA, the energetic imprint that always accompanies a specific body, an image that this spirit will recognize and resume even after the transition from death.

Arcturus and Antares are portals for souls between lives, this portal is managed by the Arcturians, since as they are the karmic council that help design the future lives that the soul will experience, it made sense that they would be guardians of the general akashic records. Through this portal they neutralize the energies that came from the soul when disincarnating and help to process this transit. Usually the soul is taken to receive other soul fragments that did not descend to life on earth, in special places where there are giant amethysts surrounded by nature and waterfalls where the soul can regenerate. The Arcturians, being assistants in the evolution of consciousness and teachers of this system, formed the galactic confederation with advanced members of other star systems for the protection and assistance of consciousness, planets and systems in the cosmos. The Draconians have been trying to take over this portal for eons of years. Arcturus is the masculine portal, representing the creator father to earth. Antares is another portal to earth. It represents the feminine Portal, of maternal force. Both portals are of very different energy, the Arcturians process souls and have always been in contact with Gaia, the Antarians have not. They only facilitate the process of the already evolved soul to the ascension to higher states of consciousness.
Some of the beings of Antares have been seen as the so-called "mantis" since they resemble the insect of this name. Others have seen them as giant ants.


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