Galactic Ambassador - Daughter of Sekhmet

Through contact with my guides and cosmic family in the Pleiades, I have remembered the origin of my soul. Since I was little I was contacted by high frequency beings who guide and accompany me daily on my path through consciousness expansion. I have recovered knowledge that very soon can lead us to be REENCOUNTERED WITH OUR DIVINITY.

Do you want to know the cosmic origin of your soul?


Workshop to receive Hathor's codes

8 sessions to receive the codes of the Egyptian Goddess of Love, fertility, happiness, healing and guidance from the afterlife, Pleiadian/Lyrana Star Goddess: HATHOR


Extra Dimensional Consciousnesses

Cosmic History

Historical journey through the main stellar consciousnesses that have influenced the creation of the planet earth, of the human and its relationship with divinity.

Our Galactic History

Star Systems' Galactic Codes


Within human DNA technology, there is stored information that pertains to different star systems. To access this information, we must activate them in our system. It is recommended to read the history of each star system in order to choose the desired activation. Each activation is through the language of light, which will facilitate the anchoring of the code in your physical body.


Audio Guide to Galactic Codes


The meditations were channeled and transmitted from different star systems to help the evolution of our consciousness in this moment of humanity.

Meditation is a tool to maintain our body, mind and soul.


Seminars, Online Classes and Frequency Training

Workshops / Regressions

My academic training in Psychoanalysis, Art, Egyptology and History has opened guidelines for me to investigate in detail the evidence of our divine origin. With these Workshops I intend to connect academic information with our subtle and emotional part through alternative techniques of self-knowledge and spiritual healing. Join me to answer the question: What is the true purpose of our soul?

Workshops / Regressions