Our Galactic History

  • My guides have informed me that I am
    stellar ambassador designated to speak of our stellar origin and the multiple consciousnesses that belong to various cosmic races.
    I understand that it is of the utmost importance to understand where our soul comes from
    to proceed with the process of raising frequencies that we are experiencing.

    It is a process of transformation at all levels. The biological and organic of our reality must also evolve to the next level of the mission.

  • Throughout my life, I had studies as a visual artist that included in-depth training in image interpretation. Thanks to the AI ​​I can build these images in a hyper-realistic way, my contribution is to be able to use my conceptual training to generate the right image, although I must emphasize that it is through my ability to channel that I access the correct frequency so that high consciousness can manifest and reflected in the image. Although, after selecting the image with your guide, I always make changes, adjustments in photoshop to create the image that best suits your desire to be represented. Always with the approval of the guides who sometimes indicate to change some details in the clothing or decoration, etc.

  • Sometimes my training and knowledge as a Historian, Psychoanalyst and Egyptologist also enters. Since I have always had a need to academically test, as far as possible, channeled theories in an attempt to give them real support. I have studied religions, mythology and read Egyptian hieroglyphs to support my spiritual findings as much as possible.

    I must warn the reader also, that the Star systems and the consciousnesses represented here are not all, of course, but they are here because of the personal connection and because they are some of the most important as an influence on our DNA information. So this is the story of a highly advanced technology called DNA, the creation of the civilization that we are and our connection to God in all his divinity.

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“Prior to this fragmentation of Source, the All existed in another octave of dimensional reality. From this realm of unification, parts of All That Is wondered what it would be like to fragment and temporarily forget integrated existence. The force of this thought on such a massive level began to create a fragmentation. The illusion created from 1 THE PRISM OF LYRA DIMENSIONAL INFUSION This fragmentation would be a defiant oblivion in which consciousness would need to create (from its own divine nature) the memory to unite once more.”
LyssaRoyal and Keith Priest

The Elohim

Consciousness followed its own impulse to experience itself in various perspectives.
It is what we know as “The Source”, the consciousness of God. Always fractalizing into duality of principles. God created etheric beings in the Andromeda galaxy, who traveled through the Antares stargate towards the Milky Way, establishing there the first Galactic council of elementals: The Fire principle, the Water principle, the Air principle, the Earth principle. and the principle of Ether. Andromeda being the mother galaxy that complies with that energetic principle of feminine consciousness and the Milky Way the energetic principle of masculine consciousness.

Antares Stargate

Antares is the portal between Andromeda and the Milky Way, it is in the constellation of Scorpio and is where the first galactic council of elementals was formed, we know them as the “Elohim”. There have always also been principles of contrary energy. I say contrary because the concept of “good” and “evil” is a human perspective and convention. That principle is what we consider the “evil” or the darkness that accompanies its counterpart, which is light. In some way the principle of darkness was expressed in everything as an individual consciousness and its objective has always been to separate itself from that duality and grow by itself, although in its structure it also carries the opposite principle of latent love. This principle is called “archons”, which are fractals, expressions of that energy of darkness. This is how they allow the entry of consciousnesses that I call “contrary” to our universe.

Through this portal star, Antares, many etheric beings are invited to cross over into the Milky Way and experience more "physical" realities.

Here our story begins: