ET Alliances


Just as the planet Earth is complex in terms of the different races of humans that inhabit it, the diversity in cultures and nature, the multiplurality of expressions of consciousness that have been gestated for eons of years; Out there in the universe, it is thousands of times more diverse. In the universe, we can imagine the number of conscious beings, connected to the creative source just like us, or not. There are individual expressions of consciousness with diverse collective interests depending on the origin, context and divine plans of each expression of the source. It's the universe. It is infinite and creates by expanding and contracting in an infinite way. Therefore, my knowledge is limited and I can only speak from my microworld, from my individual reality as a soul that has traveled between various star systems, and that has asked, not always the correct questions, but when they have been correct, I have been answered with amazing information that I share here with you.
It remains open to the criteria and skepticism of each path and each soul that arrives here. Who has the capacity for open resonance, absorbing information corresponding to their level of consciousness. With all due respect to all existing levels. (400 different levels of consciousness for humanity).


These are some of the most well-known and important alliances with respect to planet Earth. They concern us since they help us, or are in charge and protection of the different humanoid/human races of the universe.

Andromedan Council.
Galactic Confederation of Worlds.
Council of the five of light.
The League of Orion- united races.

Contrast and duality have always existed in the universe. Each design of the creative source contains expansion and contraction of energy and consciousness. Therefore, it is very complex to lean towards the decisions made by each consciousness to live its path of evolution, whether organic or inorganic.

Since everything in the universe is interconnected and all actions have an effect on the multiple variants in the possibilities of time and space. Something like the "butterfly effect" where a small modification or simple alteration on a variant or action can trigger a massive effect through the process of propagation in the universe. Therefore it is understood that governing politically in the universe is very delicate. The councils of Light and the stellar empires often have great limitations on what they can and cannot do in the universe.

Council of the five of light:

This council is made up of the wise men of the following star systems:

-Arcturus: In the main system that orbits the star, they are from 13D
-Sirius: In the bright sun star of Sirius A, they are from 9D
-Pleiades: In Atlas and Pleione respectively, they are from 9D
-Andromeda: In Zenetae, they are from 9D
-Orion: In Mintaka, from 7D and 9D

All of them in turn belong to the Galactic Confederation of Worlds.

Council of the Five of light

In each of these star systems, they have established a council of Light that teaches the ancestral spiritual knowledge of the mystery schools (Sirius) and that is dedicated to the protection of the portals of the souls between the world of creation and reality. earth (Orion). They observe and guide the process of spiritual evolution in the cycles of incarnations of various star systems (Arcturus). Among other important things, they assist souls in planning their cycles of incarnations, on earth or in other systems. Since these wise men are the ones who can allow souls to have experiences in systems completely contrasting to their own. They are the keepers of the Akashic records and help design the paths for true evolution. They joined together long before the creation of the Galactic Confederation, to protect Earth and its systems from the Dark Empires.


From the constellation of Andromeda comes a group of beings who are refugee colonies of the blue humanoid Lyrans of Vega, who settle in Zenetae in the binary star system called Titawin. These beings carry ancestral knowledge, being highly evolved, stable, and equanimous. They are peaceful and because of their great desire to help all humanoid races, with genetic technology like theirs, they are going to establish the so-called Andromeda Council.

Andromedan Council

One of the first councils of light, seek spiritual evolution in the galaxy. It brings together 140 highly evolved species. The supreme council of this alliance only integrates spiritually advanced beings. They are the ones who, together with the Galactic Confederation of worlds, have sent star seeds to Earth to counteract the reptilian occupation. Maintaining a close relationship with the Galactic Confederation of Worlds.

The Andromedan Council is a kind of galactic governing council. Which in its divisions includes the alliance with the Galactic Confederation and the Arcturians.
It is a council made up of more than 400 beings with twelve chaired seats who occupy positions of investigation, deliberation and advice to the Council. They do this in thirteen unique sub-sets of advisory boards. In brotherhood with the objective of maintaining universal balance and a line of defense. Alex Collier and another contactee whose name remains only with the title of "council representative", communicated in 2011 that they were informed regarding the War that beings of light were maintaining with the reptilian and gray beings of the 4th dimension coming from Orion. Thus freeing humanity from its physical occupation and from issues such as abductions and government contracts of planet Earth. Establishing that this war was won and consequently the fall of the energy of the Archons that released the consciousness of the martyrx.

9. Images of Andromedans

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Galactic Confederation of Worlds:

It is the union of hundreds of thousands of civilizations. Created to maintain peace and justice in this galaxy. Its objective is to raise the consciousness of those beings whose spiritual advancement has been hindered by the dark Empires through manipulation, programming, repression and control. It is concerned with bringing together all conscious species in spiritual evolution, under the precepts of love and understanding and tries to neutralize the contrasts of political and personal interests, conciliating according to the nature of the species. Which has not been easy and the Confederation has sometimes made decisions that favor the majority of peoples but can sacrifice other less elevated worlds when considering free will, the desire of souls for a certain path, etc. This causes suspicions and disagreements among some members since it has been impossible to satisfy the needs of each consciousness and they prefer to maintain a neutrality that is afflicted by many.


They are monitoring all these interventions from outside the atmosphere. Sometimes they descend physically but usually they communicate via telepathy, channeling and out-of-body transmissions with the star seeds of Earth. They are in charge of the lightworker emissaries. They feel responsible for the conflicts with Earth since it was during the time of Atlantis that they allowed the intervention of the dark alliances when they were deceived and manipulated. This incident created the major “Hack” into the human DNA system. And therefore they have tried to make energetic correction for thousands of years.

Orela - Light Council of Orion.

This race belongs to the Orion council of light. They are from the Opichus constellation. Ambassadors for peace in the council of the Galactic Confederation of Worlds.

The League of Orion or United Races

Internal league created to fight against the Empire of Gray Orion and Draco. Made up of the spiritual beings of the Orion systems of Alnitak, Betelgeuse and Meissa. Affiliated with the Galactic Confederation.

The Orion League

This is a necessary grouping since in Orion we have a miscellany of conscious beings with different natures and impulses. It has been a conflictive area in the universe as it has space for so much diversity of colonies. Many beings have occupied planets here trying to conquer and consume. Also because Orion is very close to planet Earth which for many of these races has been an essential provider of food, resources and contrasting dual experiences.

Ashtar Galactic Command

In 1954, an American citizen named George Van Tassel claimed to have been contacted by an extraterrestrial being, commander of Sirius, named Ashtar Sheran, who sent telepathic messages to Van Tassel. A number of people have channeled Ashtar's messages.

Vrillon 1977

On November 26, 1977, the signal of the television broadcast of "Southern Television" to the south of England in the United Kingdom was suddenly interrupted. The interruption cut off the transmission of the programs to hear the voice of a male being who identified himself as "Vrillon", representative of the Ashtar Galactic Command. Delivering a message of peace urging humanity to abandon weapons and war so that they could participate in a "future awakening" and "achieve a higher state of evolution." After six minutes, the broadcast returned to its normal program. There was no further explanation for this incident, leaving it in history as a mystery and another version of the name "Ashtar."

Pirates and Separatists

There are groups that have separated from larger benevolent councils due to differences in ideas and objectives. Creating dubious alliances with dangerous Empires. They do so under their free will and the decision to obtain personal interests without empathy for universal well-being. They are called pirates because they navigate the universe looking for benefits according to their convenience. They are beings that can be seen like any other race described above and many live clandestinely in Orion.

Alliances and Malevolent Empires

They are formed by the strongest beings in the universe, whether due to their spiritual evolution or their technological evolution. But when a race decides to continue its individual evolution disconnected from the source, then the consciousness of love is suppressed in its path, neutralizing its emotional weaknesses.

Draconian Empire
Orion Empire (Alliance of the 6)
Orion Gray Collective
Antarctic Collective
Altair Collective
Ashtar Collective of Sirius B

Draconian Empire

Based on Hierarchies.

-Alpha Draconis
-Sigma Draconis
-Epsilon Draconis
-Shafeshifters Draco-Borgs
-Slave races of Grays
-Clones and sub-races created with hybridization

Orion Empire: Alliance of 6

6 Gray and Draconian races centered around Rigel.


Orion Gray Collective

Regroup the gray races. They are against the Galactic Confederation of worlds, the Orion league and any council of light in the galaxy. It is independent of the Alliance of Six. It mainly maintains dealings with the Draconis-Reptilian Empire and with the Altair Corporation.
The Orion Collective Involves 11 different races of tall Grays and 12 races derived from Grays of small build and short stature. In addition to clones and slave sub-races.

Antarctic Collective

In this group they participate
-Altair collective
-The Killy
-the Gray-Draconian Orion collectives and
-the Cabal

In underground facilities, the "Nazi" of Earth developed spaceships in complicity with the Altair collective, who are mostly blonde races as well as the Alpha Centauri separatists, the Telosi, who have deals with these terrorists in exchange for technology. .

Altair Corporate

Based on one of the stars of the Altair system in the Aguila constellation, 16 light years from Earth. Many races with mixed intentions live on this planet. humanoids and reptilians. 4D. They cooperate with the Killys and are involved in abductions with the Grays and in hybridization programs of Earth humans. Native species of Altair, they have orange skin and are blonde and tall, they are confused with the Telosi of Alpha Centaury and even with the Pleiadians. They are part of the alliance of united worlds where they have joined the Galactic Confederation of worlds, causing diplomatic problems. They are similar to humans on Earth in that they are ambitious for power and convenience by negotiating with terrorist collectives, although they are not allied with the Draconians, they do have ties with the Ashtar Collective, the Cabal and a military presence on land.

Ashtar Collective - Sirius B

Composed of humanoids of various types. Mainly Altair, Annunaki, Ashkeru (humanoids, genetically modified races, insectoids, reptiloids, and grays. (All of them are called Ashkeri as a race that shares a home on Sirius B.) They faced an invasion conflict that involved control of colonies of various species , 21 systems, including Earth. So the Ashtar Collective was formed, who took a stance truly influenced by the colonizing principles of the Draconian mentality. The humanoid Ashkeri, who were the most affected, rebelled and separated from the Collective, joining forces with the Galactic Confederation of Worlds, creating an internal civil war that caused the expulsion of this group that called itself "Ashtar Galactic Command", also called "Sirius Collective".