The White Nordic

This first Genotype was fundamental as the basis for the explosion of similar races around the cosmos. This humanoid prototype spread like wildfire in other star systems and evolved according to each planet and its conditions. We know of the first two groups from Lyra, the White Nordic and The Blue skin from the planet Vega. The White Nordics have been described as beings of great stature, strong with long and slender features, very white hair with soft and light clothes. Your planet was a paradise of high frequencies where unconditional love was expressed in every manifestation of consciousness. All built in harmony with nature in an organic and simple way. The peace and tranquility of Avalon represented an example of harmonious, loving and naturally ordered evolution. The innocence of its inhabitants was the norm since there was no contrast in their reality. Until the Draconian forces arrived to interact with them, abusing their loving origin and violently intervening in their reality through trauma. Thus intervening the so perfect DNA technology that was already in its best version. This "hack" to the nature of the genotype is called "the primordial trauma" that gave way to the history of the ancient war between light and dark.

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