Seres de Venus

Beings of Venus

I was preparing an interview when I came across the very interesting information from Georg Adamski. He is one of the first brave people who began to talk about his extraterrestrial contact in the 50's. He is one of the old school contacted mystics, you could say. The story of this man is very interesting since it contains many mysteries that we could discuss here, very similar to a dream I had not many months ago. It must have been three months at most. Adamski began sharing theosophical information from his experience of contact. He gave talks about consciousness and true spirituality. This is a very important aspect of those contacted since it seems that it is the objective of many extraterrestrial beings who have the interest of sharing a deep understanding of the being and its relationship with the universe. It is an interest in opening the perspective in which humanity remained immersed for a long time, individuality. We are not so individual finally. There is an intrinsic connection network between consciousness and life. Thus we can say that Adamski was a pioneer of the new age and the era of extraterrestrial "disclosure."

Adamski had a great interest in photographing the moon in search of extraterrestrial evidence, Adamski began his research with a telescope whose lens was 6 inches. Author of the book "Flying Saucers have landed" published in 1953, he describes that in November of the previous year, he took an exploration trip with friends to the desert in California, where there were rumored to be many sightings. A UFO appeared on the horizon, after documenting the incident, he describes being left alone as his friends took the car and drove some distance away to see it from another angle. Adamski waited in the same place. It is then that he captured these detailed images (due to the closeness that can be obtained with the power of a telescope). Shortly after, he took the other small camera called a brownie box that captured open angles better and took photographs of the context and landscape where the incident occurred.

This is the image of the bell-shaped ship he called "Scout Craft." We can see the bottom part. It is speculated that they are three spherical capacitors, which produce electromagnetic polarity that serve to change the direction of the vehicle. In the cabin we see windows that are constant in other multiple sightings. It does not touch the earth, due to the spheres that are a propulsion system under the ship that produces its own electromagnetic field. At that time there were no digital ways to create fake photographs. Studies were done on the film of the negatives with technology from the 1950s and it was concluded that these photographs could not have been manipulated. The studies continued decade after decade according to the advancement of analysis techniques, always concluding that they are authentic.

Considered one of the best real evidence. And the first shots of UFOs orbiting the moon. Here we see another ship near the moon, leaving a trace or followed by other smaller ships. The second photograph is from a series of 4 images he took in 1951 of a ship that, according to his book "Inside the Spaceships" is like a miniature city inside, with a suitable self-generated environment inside to travel long distances in space.
Which he called "Carrier Craft"

Photographs taken by the small Brownie box camera of the landscape context on the same day that the photograph was taken with the telescope.

After documenting the sighting, Adamski saw a blonde man approach him and stop in front of him. Who smiled and seemed friendly and warm. Adamski tried to talk to him but the man made a gesture of not understanding. So Adamski recognized that he was not a man of the earth and opted for telepathic communication. In this way he knew that this being came from Venus and that they were worried about the nuclear bombs that had been detonated in the Second World War a few years before. Hence, Adamski begins to expand a philosophical thought (Theosophy) promoting reaching the spiritual mastery of our own being.

Photos of the geographical context, which later, the Adamski Foundation discovered in close up, the face of Orthón, the being of Venus who appeared in front of Admaski that historic day. Apparently Adamski never mentioned it to protect his friend? We don't know, but it's curious that he didn't use this photo to defend himself against all those who discredited his experience as false.

What caught my attention the most is when I saw this closeup of the context photograph taken by the brownie box. When enlarged you can see the blurry face of this being from Venus that left me totally surprised since I recognized with amazement the great physical resemblance to that of two beings who in a special dream, one of those dreams that are not dreams, but rather, extracorporeal experiences. , they came to see me and told me telepathically that they were from Venus.

For me it was a confirmation, this was real, there are beings on Venus that can travel and project messages, that communicate and warn or give important messages. At that moment I understood that recognizing him as a being from Venus was a confirmation for me that this case was real, and that I was encountering a photograph of the beings, not the same one perhaps, not Orthón himself, but other beings that were They look similar physically. Similar to when one can recognize people who come from the North, or people who have similar characteristics because they are from the same family.

For this reason I took on the task for several days of representing Orthón of Venus with the help of artificial intelligence but with a lot of digital intervention on my part to find his features as I had seen them in two beings in a vision-astral journey. .

Orthón's message that day was clear, they had just detonated nuclear bombs and apparently they were worried about the future of humanity. Similar to the message given by Commander Vrillion of the Ashtar Command in 1977, the television broadcast of "Southern Television" to the south of England in the United Kingdom. Again, inciting humanity to evolve spiritually and leave weapons and war aside to access a higher consciousness.

The relationship between Admaski and Orthón and other beings from Venus continued for several years. They let him know when they would come so he could prepare his cameras. In this way he was able to take a video where a "scouting" type ship can be seen again.

Here we see the object again floating above the trees. This evidence was captured on video on February 26, 1965 in Silversprings Maryland, USA. According to the testimony of Madeline Rodeffer, a friend of Adamski who helped him prepare his conferences; He reported that around 8 am he asked him to have the cameras ready since he had received a notice of an upcoming sighting. At 3:30 pm the ship made maneuvers near the witnesses. Adamski recorded it. The photos and videos have been extensively analyzed in laboratories and all present a biometric radiation signature.
They have never been able to prove falsehood in any of Adamski's photographic materials. The foundation always allows studies to be done and thus, the Adamski mystery continues to this day as one of the most fascinating in history.
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