A propósito de la lluvia de estrellas Leónidas 17 a 18 de Noviembre 2023

About the Leonid meteor shower November 17 to 18, 2023

Because of the meteor shower that occurs annually during November, from last night to today, November 18 of this year, 2023. They have been seen as fleeting lights in the clear early morning sky in America Latina. The energy is hopeful, since seeing little lights in the cosmos moving always brings a feeling that something very good is about to happen. The Leonids take their name from the constellation Leo, which is the point where the meteor shower appears to radiate. The Leo constellation has always been intrinsically related to the most mystical civilizations in history. With Egypt, with Greek mythology and above all it is associated with the Sun. The zodiac sign of Leo is ruled by the sun. Which means that there is no way for anything to remain in the shadows when Leo's energy comes to illuminate everything.

In Egyptian mythology, the Gods Shu and Tefnut, are the twin lions Gods of time, were the sons of the solar God Ra. Shu is usually depicted as human but his twin sister Tefnut is leonine. Some students of the binary star Sirius, the ancient God Ra, refer to the sun of that other system, not ours. Which has been the home of the hominid Lions. Later these Gods were represented as the twin Lions of “yesterday and today” therefore, they are those beings who have conquered the secrets of temporality.

One of the most important Goddesses in the Egyptian pantheon is the Goddess Sekhmet, originally from the Memphis triad along with her consort Ptah and her son Nefertum. This Goddess represents power itself in the hieroglyphics of her name. It is called "The Powerful One" which is capable of creating the most destructive plagues and ending humanity, while on the opposite side of the scale, it is the only one with such power, to heal and free from chaos and chaos. illness to any consciousness. This Goddess and her consort Ptah are beings who came from Sirius A, creator Gods and master builders of the sacred and magical land of ancient Kemet. (Egypt)

The interstellar race of lions was formed from the fire elemental in the constellation of Lyra, they created their hominid physical body with a feline skull to live a cycle of incarnations over and over again until they perfected their bodies and evolved the prototype of creation. They did not do it alone, the avians created from the air elemental, lived together on a planet called Avyon that was destroyed in the Lyra wars. The prototype of these beings were established in various other star systems. They established the light council of the spiritual mastering mystery schools in the binary system of Sirius A.

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