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2. Anchoring-Cleaning and energy regeneration workshop.

2. Anchoring-Cleaning and energy regeneration workshop.

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(the files are in spanish)
In this workshop we will learn to release and download all the negative and dense energy accumulated in daily life and from the past, in an easy and fast way. It is an essential practice to be able to work on whatever we want to recharge or heal on the clean container.
This technique belongs to the high degrees of sacred magic that were hidden from us in history by various groups. In the video I tell you where it comes from and how it came into our hands again.
It is a very effective energy download and reprogramming technique essential to maintain our subtle system.

Taught by Alessa Esteban.

You will receive a digital mp4 video file, which you can download directly to your device once, from the link on the page or from the link that will automatically arrive in your email.

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Theoretical Class 1 in mp4 digital video file. (Duration: 0:19:18 mins)

Meditation- Exercise in Audio mp3 (Duration: 0:23:19 mins)

Original cover image in png.

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