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Psycho-Magical Exercise to connect with the powerful Leonid energy and healing vitality of Sekhmet (NOW available in English)

Psycho-Magical Exercise to connect with the powerful Leonid energy and healing vitality of Sekhmet (NOW available in English)

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Do you want to get rid of blockages, traumas, negative habits, resistances, programs that stop and limit you? The Goddess Sekhmet with her fire energy will burn even the emotional toxin that has remained in the darkest corner of your system. The fire of Sekhmet illuminates everything, it reaches the corners, bringing everything to light. It allows us to embody our true power to recognize what we have to offer as a gift, to offer what we want to HEAL. In this way everything that we must let go, the disease, its reasons, will be devoured in its bowels, freeing us to a powerful sovereignty. Allowing us to heal in all areas.
This program lasts 4 weeks. It is a ritual that transforms our requests from the root. Includes a pdf file (4 pages) with clearly written instructions so that you can follow step by step the practice of precipitating this energy and activating the power of the Goddess Sekhmet in you. I have included the myth of the Goddess and various archaeological and historical data that can help you put the ritual in context and give it its precise use. It includes 13 images of different sizes to print, of the Goddess Sekhmet, which is part of the first exercise in the first week.
It also includes the mantra in mp3 audio that you must listen to the second week. Includes meditation - invocation with the names of Sekhmet, in Spanish, to help you enter the chamber of the matrix of visions for the third week. This meditation is free for members of my YouTube channel, although you can download it on your favorite device here. And finally the list of the objects you will need to conclude the ritual in the last week.

By purchasing this exercise, you will be able to download the text and audios to your device just once, from the link on the page or from the link that will automatically arrive in your email.


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Cover image in png.
Class Text on 4 sheets and Instructions in pdf + 13 images on 3 sheets.
Mantra in Audio mp3. duration 5:42 min.
Guided Meditation in mp3 audio. duration 24:21 min.

All files in Spanish and English translation.


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Example of the images included

The moment you open yourself to Sekhmet, you are opening yourself to a direct experience of connection that for thousands of years has been fascinating, amazing, and directly related to divinity and magic. Where using ritualistic techniques we can reconnect with the powerful energy of this primal Goddess of Ancient Egypt. One of the oldest Goddesses that we can find in the Egyptian pantheon whose power presides over her worldwide fame, since she is related through her epithets to the physical, spiritual and mental healing of diseases and plagues. Since it is she who controls these principles of destruction. It is related to the magic of the manifestation of destiny. Control over any human emotion, thus freeing men from their karma. It is related to the devouring and transformation from within of any knot, trauma or emotional toxin that has become stuck in the human body or psyche. The ritual that I will instruct below will be carried out through four different moments that will lead us to the understanding of our own transformation and healing. We will do this based on KEMETISM, which is a modern practice of rituals and magic exercises (shamanism) that involves the invocation of energies from the Gods of ancient Egypt.
(all photographs taken by me, on my last trip to Egypt. 2022)