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2 Sessions to unlock blockages through Regressions (available in English)

2 Sessions to unlock blockages through Regressions (available in English)

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What do the sessions consist of?

Take into account that this session must be repeated the following Tuesday. The process is carried out in 2 sessions. The sessions can be in Spanish or English.
In this couple of sessions, any blockages you have in your current life are worked on. Whether caused by conscious or unconscious trauma, or by some past life experience.

It is a therapeutic work that we do in two sessions separated by a week, through the connection with your true being and your spiritual guides to heal by changing the frequency of that memory, that past or that timeline. Which as an immediate consequence, when recognized and integrated, makes your blockage disappear and the energy that was stuck in that area, flow completely. This brings the benefits we hope to see in the area of ​​our life where we needed a change.

The psychological technique is known as "shadow work" in which, through regression in a meditative state of consciousness, we integrate that fragment of your soul that was stuck in that experience. With the difference that in this case, a channeling is carried out at the same time where the soul can discover the appropriate information and we will be guided by divine consciousness.


The schedules for America are always in the mornings. Make sure to change the time zone when booking. The calendar will offer you options in my Vienna time zone. (Central Europe). It will also offer you the option to choose your country. Please change to your time zone before booking. If the time is wrong you will lose your session. (you can always reschedule and change the time before the scheduled session)

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