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🌝🌞 RA Solar Codes - WORKSHOP - Receive the 4 codes and meditation for the Eclipse 04/08/08 (sessions in spanish)

🌝🌞 RA Solar Codes - WORKSHOP - Receive the 4 codes and meditation for the Eclipse 04/08/08 (sessions in spanish)

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Join the Workshop to receive the 4 Solar RA codes

Are you ready to connect with cosmic energy and receive the powerful solar AR codes? I cordially invite you to join our exclusive 8/4/8 Total Solar Eclipse Preparation Workshop, where you will receive not one, but all 4 solar codes that will prepare you for this celestial event!

During 4 interactive Zoom sessions, you will be guided by Alessa on a journey of cosmic activation where you will receive the essential solar codes for your spiritual growth and personal evolution.

What can you expect during these sessions?

  • You will receive each of the solar codes directly from the solar deity, RA, through Alessa's channeling.

  • You will discover the cosmic name of each code, its translation into our language and its deep meaning in your life.

  • You will learn how to apply each code in your daily life to enhance your spiritual growth and prepare for the solar eclipse on 04/08/08.

  • You will have the unique opportunity to ask direct questions of the solar deity, a truly transformative experience!

    Session 1:Tuesday 03/19/2024.
    Session 2:Tuesday 03/26/2024.
    Session 3:Tuesday 04/02/2024.
    Session 4:Eclipse Monday 04/08/2024.

    Donation: 77.77
    (it is the number of the mastering of sovereignty, 7 is the number of complete transmutation, with this number the soul agrees to complete the agreement to carry out this transformation process. Therefore, when purchasing this workshop package you will receive the link that is will be used to drink the 4 sessions)

    Don't miss this unique opportunity to connect with cosmic energy and prepare to receive the powerful influence of the total solar eclipse.

    During the last session the fourth solar code was delivered in image and a meditation was performed to activate the codes during the eclipse (open portal).

    Who is RA and what does it represent?

    The Solar deity RA is a representation of the main suns of the universe. The sun of Alcyon in the Pleiades, the sun of our solar system, the sun of Sirius and the central sun that embodies all these vital stars to unify in the main energy of creation. RA has been associated with the hidden aspects in Amun, with the energy of Leo, (since this sign of the zodiac is the only one ruled by the sun), it is associated with the fire that gives life, that burns and that illuminates even the aspect more hidden in the shadow, because the sun illuminates everything and reveals, clarifies and if we are not prepared, it burns everything in its path.

    I will channel this energy to download 4 codes that this deity wants to give us, of renewal and revitalization of our energy. It is a renewing impulse that will help us establish our divine sovereignty representative of the earth.

    In Egyptian mythology, Ra is one of the most important and powerful deities. He is the solar god, associated with the sun and the creative and regenerative power that provides light and life to the world. Ra is represented as a man with the head of a falcon, crowned with a solar disk or a uraeus (king cobra).

    Ra was considered the king of the gods and the ruler of heaven, earth and the underworld. Numerous roles and attributes were attributed to him, such as the creation of the world, the navigation of the sun through the sky during the day, and his journey through the underworld at night. He was also associated with cosmic order and justice.

    Throughout Egyptian history, Ra was worshiped in different forms and under various names, such as Amun-Ra during the New Kingdom period, when he was merged with the god Amun to become the main deity of the Egyptian pantheon.

    In summary, Ra is one of the most prominent and revered figures in ancient Egyptian mythology and religion, being the god of the sun and the personification of the divine power that gives life and light to the world.

    May the light of AR guide you on your path to transformation!

    With love and light,

    Alessa Esteban

    Workshop -RA Solar Codes-


    You will receive the digital files in mp4 video, which you can download directly to your device just once, from the link on the page or from the link that will automatically arrive in your email.

    Attention: INSTANT DOWNLOAD. DIGITAL FILE ONLY. NOTHING IS SENT. This is a digital product only. You will not receive a physical copy of your purchased product. Any audio or video purchased from Alessaestelar is for PERSONAL use only. Please do not resell or reproduce any of the products you receive from us.

  • Contains: 4 digital mp4 video files of the 4 workshop sessions.
    duration per video of approximately one and a half hours depending on the questions, presentation and meditation of each session. The sessions were originally in the Spanish language.

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Impulso fuerza vitalidad

Tres palabras que reconecte con estos códigos de fuego sagrado, Alessa con su ser genuino inocente puro desde la sencillez trae la palabra haciendola carne para impulsar Al Ser Divino que yo soh a ser!!!

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