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Code III - SPIRITUALITY - Pleiades

Code III - SPIRITUALITY - Pleiades

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This audio contains a transmission of a Pleiadian code in light language and visual creation (drawing). The information was transmitted by my personal guides originating from Pleiades to help us in the process of integration and current evolution.

This audio is the third part of the Pleiadian codes published with various objectives for the moment of transformation (shift) and the anchoring of our spiritual advancement in the present dimension.

Transmitted by Alessa Esteban.

You will receive a digital mp3 audio file, which you can download directly to your device just once, from the link on the page or from the link that will automatically arrive in your email. Plus the images with the corresponding code.

This is a digital product only. You will not receive a physical copy of your purchased product. Any audio purchased from Alessaestelar is for PERSONAL use only. Please do not resell or reproduce any of the products you receive from us.

SPIRITUALITY code in mp3 digital file. Duration: 1:05 mins.
SPIRITUALITY code in jpg digital image file.
Original cover image in jpg.

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