El portal, sus significados, a propósito de este día 11 + 11 + 2023 = 11

The portal, its meanings, regarding this day 11 + 11 + 2023 = 11

Carl Jung introduces the concept of synchronicity, which speaks of a specific moment of instantaneous connection of our interior with the exterior reflecting a pattern of deep meaning. We say that it is a significant moment where matter and the spiritual world interconnect. Jung was talking about the collective unconscious where archetypal symbols that we all know are activated. In this way, manifestations of synchronicities can be evoked, since we are all connected in an immaterial (unconscious) world.
Tesla said that the repetition of certain numbers held the representation of a specific frequency, this repetition captures our attention and our mind asks us to give it a meaning. He said that the universe communicated with us through energy, frequency, and Jung said that synchronicities are expressions of cosmic intelligence, being precisely that energetic language through which we can connect with possible realities.

The event becomes a mirror between the mind and the universe in an always significant way when we are going through a moment of transition, change or emotional upheaval. Prompting us to interpret the mystical relationship that represents the repeated number that has been appearing to us.

What matters is the state in which we find ourselves at the moment we identify synchronicity, paying attention to this moment to channel the energy received and thus understand how the energy that rushed into each one of us will work for each of us. "portal". It is not the same for everyone. Each event we identify serves to trigger our own inner potential and change in our present moment.

In the Bible the number 11 is considered a number of transition and duality. For Kabbalah, the numbers correspond to a sefirot and a letter, that is, to a frequency that will have an energetic emanation of specific consciousness. Tarot card XI is the justice card (in the traditional Rider tarot). It symbolizes the divine agreement of soulmates with each other and in turn with the universe. The addition of 1 with 1 gives us two, which symbolizes the division of that unit. Therefore, it corresponds to the soul mate, a single consciousness that was divided into an equal fractal that will function as a mirror, a duality embodied in an individual facing his or her equal. The reunion with the soul mate serves the divine purpose of functioning as a reflection of the other. The reunion with the soul mate is part of the individual spiritual awakening of our divinity connected to the process of evolution and ascension.

That is why 11 represents sacred relationships also with related souls, those of the same fractal group of consciousness. Related to the evolutionary process.

The 11 11 symbolizes that a new period is about to change in us. There is a new beginning and it is as if two timelines were presented to us by our soul. Which we can choose according to our sustained frequency.

In this case, the number 7, the result of the sum of all the digits of the year, is the number of transmutation. In the tarot, it is the Chariot card whose sphinxes represented in front of the chariot, lead the direction and in this case symbolize the two timelines, the two possible realities and the change of direction from one to the other. It is the card that in the zodiac represents the sign of Cancer, energy of water and emotions. It is related to the 7 doors, or vortexes of the chakras. Seven energy points found in our ethereal form.
The 7 portals that are symbolic of the ascension of energy through the root chakra, the first door, to the Sahasrara, portal number 7, (which is equivalent to the crown on the tree of life as well) back to reunify with consciousness originating from the source.
Connecting the number 7 with the root chakra because that is where the ascension of consciousness begins. (Jacob's ladder that crosses 7 kingdoms before reaching heaven)
In Sumerian mythology, the Innana Goddess Ishtar, symbolic of the divine feminine, passes through 7 portals to the underworld (which in this case would be the material world) in her sacrifice.
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